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Patricio ‘Pato’ Zuniga is a Multi-instrumentalist and Producer from Santiago, Chile.  Eclectic with a  diverse music background, he blends tribal roots, dub reggae, guitar virtuoso, funk and soul vibes that will take you on an unforgettable journey and make your body move.

Pato has had a life long affair with music, picking up the guitar at age 9 and exploring many genres of music; blues, funk, rock, folk, punk rock and ethnic music.  He expanded his musical expression with drums and bass and a love of ethnic instruments.  Some of the instruments that he plays are guitar, bass, drums, Australian didjiridoo, as well as, African instruments kora, balafon, djembe, ngoni and duns duns. He has played in several bands in Chile including, SantoBando, Orixango, Afrik, as well as his own projects in Bali; Gypsy Caveman and Mamba Hitam.  From 2015 to 2021, Pato toured as the bassist for the band "Nahko and Medicine for the People".


In 1999 and 2001 he was awarded scholarships to study music at the University "Escuela de las Artes y Musica Popular de Chile" studying Arrangement and Composition until 2003.


When not touring Pato produces music, his own and for other artists.  He co-produced Nahko’s “My Name is Bear” Solo album and Tim Snider’s “Humanity” album as well as other projects. 

Pato is available for  performances, studio sessions and one on one "zoom" music lessons.

Big Concert Crowd
Hamburg,Koln, that was fun!!!! See you t


A partial list of stage appearances include:

  •  2015 - Present Nahko and medicine for the People, International tour; Glastonbury Festival, Byron Bay Blues Fest, Bonaroo, CaliRoots, SunSka Festival and so many more International Venues.

  •  2014 Bali Spirit Festival/Multiple appearances, Bali, Indonesia

  •  2013 Bali Spirit Festival/ Nahko and Medicine for the People, Susu Ibu, Afro Moses, Bali, Indonesia

  •  2012 Bali Spirit Festival/ Nahko and Medicine for the People, Silver Pesos, Susu Ibu, Jacqueline Fuentes, Bali, Indonesia

  • 2011 Nick Wallaki/ Iwan falls, Sumatra, Indonesia

  •  2009 Santo bando/ The Wailers, Santiago, Chile- 

  • 2008 Orixango/ Ozric tentacles, Santiago, Chile

  • 2007 Santo bando w/ Matisyahu, Santiago, Chile

  • 2007 Jahmabless/ Sean Paul, Santiago, Chile

  •  2007 Afrik/ Ricardo Villalobos, Santiago, Chile

Abstract Waves

photo by: Claire Sapone


An abbreviated list of studio sessions include:

  • 2021 Aaron Hale - Various tracks; bass

  • 2019 Nahko Medicine for the People "Take Your Power Back" album.  Instrumentalist; bass and guitar.

  • 2018 Tim Snider "Humanity" album.  Instrumentalist, bass

  • 2017 Nahko "My Name is Bear" album.  Instrumentalist, bass, guitar, drums

  • 2015 Nahko Medicine for the People - Hoka album. Instrumentalist; bass, kora, vocals, balafon, percussions

  • 2014 Alissa Nathaniel - Goddess of Devotion album. Instrumentalist; bass, guitar

  • 2014 Harmony Polo and Maneesh Damoor - Blessings of Your Grace album. Instrumentalist: bass, guitar, percussions

  • 2011 Kevin James - Heartstrings alubm.  Instrumentalist : bass

  • 2011 Nick Wallaki - Across the Water album. Instrumentalist: bass, guitar

  • 2010 Nick Wallaki - Nick Wallaki album. Instrumentalist: bass, drums, guitar

  • 2009 Afrik Electronic Music - Afrik album.  programming machines, dun duns, kora, trutruka, guitar, bass

  • 2008 Santo Bando - Jah Bless al Pulso de la Tierra: bass, vocals

  • 2004 Orixango - Orixango: kora, djembe, balafon, dunduns, vocals

Piano Keys


A partial list of  production credits include:

  • 2020 Eden Havanah - Various Titles

  • 2019 Nahko Medicine for the People "Take Your Power Back" album.  Co-producer on various songs.

  • 2018 Tim Snider "Humanity" album. Co-producer.

  • 2017 Nahko "My Name is Bear" album. Co-producer.

  • 2009 Afrik Electronic Music - Afrik 

  • 2008 Santo Bando - Jah Bless al Pulso de la Tierra

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